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Who We Are
The Partners

Who are we?
   We are David Michel and Ed Petty.

What is our history, briefly?
   We began PM&A in 1988 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our objective was to help chiropractors develop and manage their businesses through individual consulting and coaching. 

   In 1991, we began another allied company called Chiro-Health Management Services, Inc. This company opened or purchased chiropractic offices throughout Wisconsin. To date, it has opened or acquired 25 offices.

   We have worked with all types of health care facilities, from dentists, dermatologists, podiatrists, D.O.’s, medical doctors, but have specialized in the chiropractic profession. We both believe in and practice the natural approach to health care and the chiropractic life style.

   David lives in Sheboygan Wisconsin, and has two teenage sons. Ed lives in Whitefish Bay, WI, and has three grown children. Both David and Ed are actively involved in their families and their local communities. 


What is our business focus? 

   We like to consider our firm as the “un-seminar” practice management company. Our focus is on implementation of practical and customized solutions that are designed to fit the unique needs of each office.


   The majority of our clients have been group practices, multiple offices, and doctors working towards expanding their current operation.


   Our ultimate goal with each doctor is to bring about Practice Freedom. That is, creating a business that runs itself separate from the personality of the owner, allowing him or her to be free to live a balanced and prosperous life. 

What is our mission?

  • Increase Profit. Improve the profitability of our client's business as soon as ethically possible
  • Improve Organization. Organize the office so that the profits increase consistently
  • Systematize Operation. Set up the business so that it is not as dependent upon the owner 
  • Achieve Practice Freedom. The owner is prosperous and has more free time


What do we do?

   We improve your practice volume, help you make more money, relieve your practice stress, and ultimately help you to be free of the office administration so that its continuing success is no longer dependent upon your day-to-day efforts.

How do we do it?

   We travel to your office, do a thorough evaluation, put it on a “treatment program”, and then make “adjustments” as needed.  When we are not in your office, we work on your customized practice development program in our office, supporting you and your staff on projects that help grow your business.  We help you develop your own systems, and work with you and your staff until they are smoothly running your business for you.   We call this the 3-Goals Practice Development Process.

What makes us different?

   Implementation. We do what others don’t: we come to your office and work with you, your staff, your doctors, and even your community and vendors, on customized practice building projects. Then we follow up by phone, fax, and another on-site visit.  We are demons on follow-through. We have been visiting offices since 1988. We probably have more combined time doing on-site practice management than any other group in the country.

   Everyday, we are usually in a different office working with doctors and their staffs.  We have found that there is nothing to compare with this to improve a practice. 

We don’t rely on a seminars or tapes to get the job done, just like you don’t rely on a patient education video or pretty brochure to improve the health of your patients. These can help, but they do not replace the benefits of on-site, customized support.

Why you need our services.

   Simply put, it is just a lot harder than it used to be. 

   There are more demands on you and your practice than ever before. Your external practice environment has become more competitive, and internally your practice has become much more complicated. The result: you end up trying to wear too many hats.
   Your job is to be a chiropractor, not a senior C.A. You did not go to school to do clerical or administrative work.  When you begin to move off of your role as a chiropractor, not only will your practice drop in volume, but so will the quality of your care.  And so will the quality of your life.

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Who We Are
Phyllis Frase

We are pleased to announce that Phyllis Frase has joined our firm, Petty Michel & Associates. 

Who We Are
Tom Potisk, D.C

Dr. Tom Potisk

Dr. Tom Potisk
The "Down to Earth" doctor.

Who We Are
Dr. Peter Kevorkian, Chiropractor

Dr. Peter J. Kevorkian, chiropractor practicing in Massachusetts.


Who We Are
Nicholas E Petty

Attorney Nicholas E. Petty, practices civil litigation with an emphasis on personal injury.  

Who We Are

Who We Are
Internet Marketing

Jamie Phillips, D.C.

Dr. Jamie Phillips
Dr. Jamie Phillips is an expert on local search and internet marketing for chiropractors and works with Petty Michel and Associates clients on customized marketing programs.

Who We Are
Sheboygan Boxing Club
Two generations of boxing - Dave Michel and Fast Eddy Michel.

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