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“Do Your Part” Patriotic Chiropractic Promotion
Jun 16, 2009

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This is a promotion that can be used any time in the U.S., particularly in July in conjunction with Independence Day, Labor Day, or Memorial Day.

Its purpose is to educate patients, and non patients, to understand that by getting healthier, the country and economy will benefit.  Someone who is healthy is more productive and less of a burden on our disease care medical system.  A healthier person contributes more to our national, and local, economy.

The theme of this promotion is that getting healthier -- and getting others healthier -- is somewhat of a patriotic duty, particularly in these hard economic times.

How To Do the Promotion
You can set aside a day or a week to hold a special promotion for your patients to encourage them to schedule their family and friends to come in to your clinic for an introductory service.

  1. Team Talk. Talk to the staff and go over the promotion with them.  Take their suggestions and consider including them.
  2. Plan and Schedule. Set a date and plan out the particulars.
  3. The Reason. Go over the reason or "greater purpose" behind the promotion and how the promotion can help fulfill this goal.
  4. Delegate a staff member to be the Do Your Part Coordinator to help implement this program, and to be its cheerleader.
  5. Posters. Place posters in the office.
  6. Coupons. Hand out coupons to patients individually. Sign each one, with a date issued. You can even write the patient's guest name on the coupon.
  7. Word of Mouth. Talk it up with all of your patients.
  8. Newsletter.  Write a notice in your office newsletter.
  9. External. You can also promote this is a small town newspaper, insert, and or on your web site. Adjust the text of the poster slightly and place at local coffee shops, hair salons, etc.

And, you can Do Your Part by helping your patients and community do theirs.

Sample Poster
Sample Coupon
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