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Marketing & Managment Products : Marketing Manager System Coaching

Marketing & Managment Products : Marketing Manager System Coaching

Doctors: Are you struggling to attract enough new patients?

Is your marketing plan not working like you want it to?

  Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin


   My name is Ed Petty and I am very excited about our new Marketing Manager System Coaching Program.

In some ways, I kind of feel guilty for not offering it sooner. But here it is.

   Below you can find its key features and how to sign up for it.

   The doctors who have purchased the Marketing Manager System (MMS) CD computer program have given it very high marks. And not to be immodest, but it works!     The Marketing Manager System helps you to systematize all of your marketing.   Over the years, it  has worked very well for our consulting clients, in part, because we visit them at their offices regularly.  If you are not familiar with the Marketing Manager System(sm), please go here for more info.

   But while I appreciate the good reports, I have noticed that the actual SYSTEM of managing the marketing does not always get implemented.

   Which is, of course, the WHOLE POINT!

   And I understand. Sometimes you just don’t have time to train your Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.) or staff, or have the associate doctor follow up, or study the materials yourself. And even if you have started to implement the MMS, as with anything new, there is a short-term apprenticeship that can be of great help.

   From our years of consulting, we have found that providing monthly observations on the marketing outcomes, with specific recommendations, is very useful. (Kind of like regular adjustments!) This assists with implementation and accountability  

    Yes… accountability. “Answering up” to someone on goals that you have made can be very helpful. Even cleansing.

   If you are interested, please read the following for more details and join our program. We are only taking a limited number of coaching members; so if you want in, sign up soon as possible.

      Best wishes for a very popular and thriving practice,

       Ed Petty

What is the Marketing Manager System Coaching Program?

     The Marketing Manager System Coaching Program is that additional ingredient to the Marketing Manager System (sm) that provides external support, coaching, and accountability to help ensure that your marketing projects are being implemented.

The number one barrier to effective marketing projects is implementation. For those of you who have been in practice for a while, you know this. Doctors and staff can get excited about new marketing programs. You can spend lots of $$ on machines, ads, and stuff. But soon enough, you become so busy with patient care that the marketing projects get left aside, strewn about like so many unread magazines in your office.  The purpose of the MMS Coaching Program is to fix this.

It also trains a staff member as a Marketing Coordinator and provides specific supervision and coaching each month. As the doctor, you can’t and shouldn’t do all the marketing by yourself.  Marketing projects should be delegated, supervised, and results monitored. This is all part of systematizing your marketing. The Marketing Manager System (sm) Coaching Program does just this.

Even if you have spent thousands to acquire the newest marketing procedures, they still have to be managed and DONE to work. This requires good marketing management, and is what this program provides.

Here is What You Get...

Initial Strategy Session.
You and I will meet over the phone for an in-depth strategy session.

  • I will personally review your clinic history and goals before the session.
  • We will review the fundamentals of the Marketing Manager System(sm).
  • During the Strategy Session, you and I will review your goals and how best to achieve them. We then work out what specific action steps would be most appropriate to achieve them, and get these scheduled to be done.

Monthly Personal Telephone Conference.
Each month, I will have a personal phone conference with you and your marketing staff. We will review the month’s past performance and work out action steps for future month’s activities.

Priority Email Support & Coaching.
You can email me with questions any time and I will respond within 48 hours during the weekdays.

Accountability Reports.
Each month, your marketing staff will send in a computerized marketing report via the Internet that will automatically go into our computer programs. (These forms are secure and as with all our clients, your information is kept in strict confidence.) One will cover the outcomes of the marketing (statistics), and the other will be short review and plan for the upcoming month. See sample’s below:

Monthly Written Evaluation
From your reports, I will then personally evaluate your most recent month’s marketing results and send you a written evaluation. It will include specific observations and recommendations that will help you generate more new patients. This will be mailed to you each month. See a sample below.

A “Members Only” web site.
Here you will have access to special monthly promotions, posters, forms, and other information only for active members.

Promotional Projects.
Each month, two suggested promotional projects will be posted for our "Members Only".

Motivational Tent Poster.
Each month you will receive monthly motivational tent posters for your staff.

Each month your marketing assistant/coordinator will be receive a reminder to perform certain marketing coordination actions.

Marketing Manager’s Mini-Toolkit.
You will also receive the new Marketing Manager’s Mini-Toolkit, along with additional marketing tools that have not yet been released. We will be covering this information as needed during the first three-months of the support and coaching program.

Special audio training programs and lectures sent out 6 times per year on C.D. format. (For example, the Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit.)

Marketing Manager.
We will be training on the material covered in the Marketing Manger component of the Marketing Manager System Computer CD.

MMS - Marketing Plan and Installation Manual

If you do not have this computer CD, or the binders, you can use the Marketing Plan and Installation Manual for the MMS (which is down-loadable at no charge). 

Special Six-Month "Bonus" Strategy Sessions.
Every six months, we will meet specifically to review the past six months and make general plans for the following six months.

Why I Am Offering This?

The short answer is that I know it will help you to see more new patients and increase your office volume.

The Marketing Manager System (sm) works.
For more than 10 years, it has helped every doctor who as applied these materials and with whom we have worked to increase the number of new patients they have seen.

But the marketing system worked because it also had a personal coach and trainer.
Since 1988, as consultants, coaches, and trainers, we have been working with chiropractors and their staffs to generate more new patients, increase the volume of their office, and create a more profitable business. (More on us.)

Our private consulting programs can cost $1700 per month or more.
We wanted to come up with an alternative to on site consulting that was less expensive but still effective, and focus on marketing. This is our solution. Practice improvement can be assisted with books, manuals, recorded lectures, and through seminars. But the best improvement programs, of any kind, always include personal support: a “Weight Watcher”, a personal trainer, a private tutor, etc. Nothing beats on site consulting, but this is the next best thing to it.

Who Is This Program For?

Motivated doctors.
If you want to grow your office, this program is for you.  If you like adjusting, or treating, patients and want to get more of your community under care, this is your program. If you want to be a busier chiropractor and a health care leader in your community, this program will help you do just that.

This program is not for you if all you want is a quick gimmick or something to make “fast bucks.”  Are you mean to your staff, just in it for the money, not supportive of your fellow chiropractors and association, or kick your cat or dog? Then this program is not for you.

We really like doing what we do.
We like helping doctors and staff, we like chiropractic, and we have a purpose. We enjoy working with others who also like doing what they do, who have a purpose, like helping people, and want to do more.

Even if you are part of another seminar program, we can still help. Our function is to help you implement those marketing projects best for you, no matter whose projects they are: yours, or another's.

No Contract.
You may drop out of the coaching program at any time. There is no contract or contract breakage fee.

Monthly Fee
$350 US Automatically billed each month.
($250 if you already own the Marketing Manager System (sm) computer CD.)

Click here to register now for the Marketing Manager Support and Coaching Program

   Please call anytime. Our number is (414) 332-4511. If we are not available, leave best times to return your call and we will do so. Or, you can always email me, Ed Petty. I will get back to you soon. Just click here. Thanks

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