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List of topics covered in the Marketing Manager System

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Section: Motivation
1. Motivation Checklist
2. Successful Marketing Attitudes
3. Keeping Practice Fun
4. Motivational Quotes to Develop Your Practice (6  pages)
5. Knowing Your Competition
6. Telling Your Story
7. Starting Your Day
8. Morning Preview Procedures
9. Productive Staff Meetings
10. 28 Qualities of a Clinic Leader
11. The Certainty Principle of Practice Development
12. B. J. Palmer's Rule #9
13. What is Your Issue? Assistance with Your Mission Statement
14. 44 Tent posters
15. Sample Mission Statements
16. The Best Chiropractic Marketer

Section: Marketing Management
17. Marketing Management Checklist
18. Phases in the Development of a Practice
19. Practice Promotional Matrix
20. The Marketing Mix
21. Percentage of Resources
22. Marketing Management Checklist
23. Marketing Assistant Job Description
24. Successful Marketing Attitudes
25. The 3 Roles of Staff
26. Willingness to Demand
27. Foundations of Practice Marketing
28. Hierarchy of Service
29. Positioning and Mission Survey
30. Brand Identity
31. How to Use the Marketing Planner
32. Marketing Planner
33. Marketing Planner Back Side
34. Monthly Promo Calendar
35. Marketing Budget Planner
36. Marketing Purchase Order Form
37. Marketing Projects Summary Sheet
38. Mission and Results - Staff Marketing Workshop
39. New Patient Tracker
40. New Patient Log
41. Ad for Marketing Assistant

Section: Referral Generation
42. Referral Generation Procedures Checklist
43. Selling Your Services: High Standards for High Selling
44. Sample Referral Scripts that Work
45. Referral Recognition Programs
46. Nutritional Services Letter
47. Nutritional Health Care Check
48. The "Guest Pass"
49. Good Patient Award
50. Your Business Card
51. Spring Flower Seed Promotion
52. Health Care Class Referral Form
53. Summer "Check-Up Check"
54. Template for Your Own Office Brochure

Section: Special Promotions
55. Special Promotions Checklist
56. Special Promotions - What They Are
57. List of Special Promotions
58. Dates for Special Promotions
59. Reactivation Program
60. Sample Community Appreciation Day Poster
61. Care to Share Program
62. Care to Share Poster
63. Food Drive Donation Program
64. Donation Drive Press Release - Sample
65. Holiday Coupons for Referrals
66. Kidís Day Program
67. Kidís Day Press Release
68. Kidís Day Press Release - Samples
69. Kidís Day Poster
70. Sample Kidís Day Ad
71. Seniorís Day Program
72. Sample Seniorís Day Ads
73. Sample Seniorís Day Newsletter
74. Teacherís Appreciation Day Program
75. Teacherís Appreciation Day Poster
76. Motherís Day Card
77. Motherís Day Poster for Flowers
78. Motherís Day Tent Poster for Front Desk
79. Valentineís Card
80. Valentineís Day Coupon Handouts
81. Police Coupon
82. Holiday Turkey Drawing Poster
83. Fireman Appreciation Week
84. Blood Drive
85. Open House

Section: Direct External Promotions
86. Direct External Promotions Checklist
87. Advertising Checklist
88. Personally Marketing Your New Practice
89. One-to-One Marketing - Selling Your Services
90. Community Information Survey
91. Target Markets: Promoting to Someone Who is Interested
92. B.J. Palmer on Advertising
93. Buying Newspaper Space
94. Promotional Sales Letter
95. Sample Get Acquainted Direct Mail Letter
96. Osteoporosis Sample Ad
97. Sample General Ads
98. Sample Survey Ad
99. Sample Radio Ad
100. Yellow Page Ideas
101. Auto Accident Victim Letter
102. Unsolicited Broadcast Faxing
103. Web Site Information Checklist
104. Web Site Key Words
105. The "Guest Pass"
106. New Residence Program
107. Section: General Internal & Extraordinary Service Procedures
108. General Internal Promotions Checklist
109. Extraordinary Service Procedures Checklist
110. Extraordinary Service Tips
111. Speed of Service Survey
112. Promotional Resume Questionnaire
113. Sample New Patient Welcome Letter
114. Promoting Massage Therapy Services
115. Sample Massage Therapy Poster
116. Sign-in Sheet

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Section: Patient Education Program
117. Patient Education Procedures Checklist
118. Patient Chiropractic Education Program
119. In-Room Rapport
120. The Key is "Re"
121. Success Story Procedure
122. Success Story Form
123. Spinal Care Class Outline
124. New Patient Health Care Workshop Brochure
125. New Patient Health Care Workshop Brochure - Sample
126. Health Care Workshop Poster
127. Health Care Workshop Sign Up Sheet
128. A Good Close for Lectures and Presentations
129. Sample Report of Findings
130. Fact of the Week Display/Handout

Section: Recall, Reactivation & Retention
131. Recall, Reactivation & Retention Procedures Checklist
132. Retention Enhancement Project
133. Financial & Service Consultations
134. The Loyalty Ladder
135. Three Phases of Care
136. The Treatment Plan
137. Sample Treatment Plan Form
138. Personal Appointment Calendar
139. Using Patient Surveys to Improve and Promote the Quality of Your Services
140. Sample Patient Survey
141. Simple Newsletters that Work
142. Sample Newsletter Template
143. Health Care Club Program
144. Telemarketing Script for Reactivation
145. Patient of the Month

Section: Community Education Program (CEP)
146. Community Education Program Checklist
147. CEP Steps to Take
148. Artificial Stimulants
149. CEP Program
150. Topics to Use in Educating Your Community About Your Services
151. Sample Community Services Calendar
152. CEP Poster and Ad Request
153. CEP Calendar - Sample
154. CEP Calendar - Blank
155. CEP Calendar Checklist - Sample
156. Sample CEP Posters and Ads
157. Health Tips Program
158. Sample Health Tips Ad
159. Sample Radio Show Poster
160. Sample CEP Press Releases
161. Databasing Workshop Attendees
162. Workshop Survey
163. Workshop Sign Up Sheet
164. Numerous (70) Posters, Ads and Press Releases for events relating to

b. Allergies
c. Arthritis
d. Auto Injuries/Whiplash
e. Back Pain
f. Carpal Tunnel
g. Child Care
h. Children's Health/ADD
i. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
j. Fibromyalgia
k. Golf  
l. Headaches/Migraines  
m. Nutrition
n. Pressure Point
o. Osteoporosis
p. Weight Loss/Exercise
q. Women's Health/Menopause   

 Section: Public Relations
165. Public Relations Checklist
166. Nutritional Services Press Release
167. Donation Program Press Release
168. Grand Opening Press Release
169. Grand Opening Press Release #2
170. Kidís Day Press Release
171. New Services Press Release
172. School Lecture Press Release
173. Seniorís Day Press Release
174. Seniorís Day Press Release #2

Section: Business & Professional Referrals
175. Business & Professional Referrals Checklist
176. What is a Practice
177. Networking Quote
178. Alliance Database
179. Business & Community Outreach Project
180. Business & Industry Sample Letter
181. Business & Industry Sample Letter #2
182. Business & Industry Sample Follow Up Letter
183. Attorney Sample Letter
184. Attorney Sample Letter #2

Section: Health Screenings  
185. Purpose Of Chiropractic Public Health Screenings 
186. Screenings Still Work! 
187. Why Do Screenings: A Testimonial 
188. Screening Sequence And Outline   
189. Screening Procedure 
190. Appointment Procedure 
191. Successful Screening Procedures 
192. 50% Public Relations - 50% Technical Service Flow Chart 
193. Screening Booth Manager
194. Screening Operations: Set Up, Supervision, Take Down 
195. Set Up/Start Up Of The Screening Booth 
196. Standing Out At A Screening Booth 
197. Example Of Simple Booth Layout 
198. Sample Booth Layouts 
199. Booth Management During The Screenings 
200. Close Down/Take Down Of The Booth 
201. Screening Registration From.
202. Screening Technician Training Checklist/
203. Practice Section
204. Application Section 
205. Screening Summary Sheet 
206. Screening Supply & Equipment Inventory Form 
207. Screening Sites: Scheduling And Maintenance
208. What To Say
209. Taking Care Of Your Screening Sites
210. Screening Event Checklist 
211. Signs For Screenings
212. Pre-Appointment Courtesy Calls
213. Marketing Department Purchase Order Request Form 
214. Screening Schedule Sheet 
215. Sample Health Care Check
216. Sample Letter: Thank You 
217. Sample Letter: Confirmation Of Screening 
218. Sample Letter: Request For Screening 
219. Simple Procedure For Medical (MD/DC) Screenings 
220. Sample Registration Form For MD/DC Screenings 
221. Letter To Set Up Osteoporosis Screenings 
222. In-Store Osteoporosis Screening
223. Additional Notes On Osteo Screenings
224. Letter #2 For Osteoporosis Screenings

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