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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Is This You?   

    We offer products and services only for chiropractors who want to grow their businesses  & keep them growing. 

Most PM&A clients, members, and customers are growth oriented and think big.  Many have gone to lots of seminars, read books, listen to tapes, and worked hard to build a clinic and business that they are proud of.

We work with chiropractors that bring about phenomenal successes with their patients’ health every day.  We never fail to be impressed with their expertise, training, or skill in patient care.

However, the expertise they do NOT possess is how to market and management their business to achieve more consistent growth, greater profit, and a systematized business nearly runs as a self-sustaining.

 Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You are a new doctor and don't have much marketing or business experience. Perhaps you are just out of school or just finished working as an associate with another office and you are ready to go. You have the education and are ready to start your career but you really are unsure of the best way to market, build, or manage your practice.

Your practice has stopped growing. You have not achieved the goals you hoped you would when you began your practice go. It has grown, but lately, or over the last little while, things have slowed down. You have tried different marketing approaches, gone to the seminars and bought the binders. Still stuck.

Practice has crashed. Help! Sudden changes have caused your business numbers to plummet.

You are an excellent doctor but seem to have a built-in aversion to marketing or business management. You have even thought about becoming an associate doctor somewhere, or selling out. You might consider a franchise takeover but you still cling to your dream of owning your own practice.

Tired of the roller coaster: up one month, down another. You seem to be able to  push the practice forward with a lot of effort, only to have the appointment book dry up a month or two later. The stress is wearing on you, the staff, and your family. You want a systematize practice that does not require constant crisis or micro management, that is consistent and nearly runs itself.

You have an associate doctor, doctors, or are considering bringing one on.  Group practices can bring many benefits to all concerned. A specialty of ours, we have seen doctors flourish in group settings, if done right. Done wrong, they can crash your business for months.

You have a mature practice that seems to have lost its life. You have “been there and done that.”  You have “paid your dues:” but the old tried and true procedures that worked before don’t seem to have the same effect anymore. All the new seminars seem like a rehash of the old. You know your practice needs something, but you just can’t spot it.

You have a successful practice and you want to take it to the next level. You have done well so far, but now are looking for strategies and support to expand your business. You are ambitious and want to become financially independent while you are young enough to enjoy it. 

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You're in the right place. There is help for you here.

Who is most likely to succeed using our approach to practice development and marketing?

Our clients and customers typically share many of the following characteristics. If these fit you as well, you are likely someone we can help to grow your business.

Dedicated and committed to success.  Through thick and thin, success or tough times, you are in it for the long haul. This is your life.

Patients come first. Whether you have a strong financial goals or not, you always do what is best for your patients.

Chiropractic way of life. Chiropractic is more than a job or profession. Regardless of your philosophy or approach, chiropractic is about healthy bodies, healthily lives, and healthy businesses.

High standards of excellence.  Good enough isn't. You are interested in being the very best.

Realize you can't know everything. But you are willing to get assistance and expand your knowledge and expertise. You can be a student.

You have an open mind. You stay true to your principles, but in order to develop your business, you are willing to experiment with new approaches.

Comfort Zone. You are willing to move outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals.

You have greater purposes. Whether it is family, community, church, profession, or self improvement, you have “Give-Back” goals you want to achieve.

Hard worker - committed to success.  You are persistent and willing to try many things to achieve results.

Willing to invest in yourself and your business
. You know this is the best investment of all.

Committed to mutually supportive relationships.  In business and life you realize that you can't make it alone. You are willing to work collaboratively with others to achieve your goals.

If you fit the profile above you can be successful in growing and developing your practice.

 Next, learn more about PM&A can help you grow and develop your practice and make it more profitable

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