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Community Education Program

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The Community Education Program is a section in the Marketing Manager Systems Tool Box. It is an extensive external marketing program proven to obtain new patients both directly and indirectly.

It includes step-by-step procedures for your staff, plus 28 posters, 27 advertisements, and 17 press releases, covering 17 different health oriented themes, all customizable. The CD includes the following material, and more:

1. Community Education Program Checklist. Twenty action steps to help you educate the community and position you as an authority in natural health care.

2. Artificial Stimulants.
Marketing needs short-term boosters, but long term strengthening programs work best.

3. Community Ed. Program.
A step-by-step description of what to do.

4. CEP Steps to Take.
  This is a handy outline to keep you on track each month.

5. Different Topics.
An explanation of what topics to consider, with 39 suggestions.

6. Community Services Calendar.
A useful tool to plan out your CEP activities.

7. CEP Promotional Calendar
- Sample CEP Planner Sample. You might prefer this format of to plan your activities.

8. CEP Planner
- Blank

Sample  Or this one might work better for you.

- Blank

11. CEP Poster Request.
Fill this out and send it to your graphic artist for specific posters

12. Customizable Sample CEP Posters, Ads and Press Releases by Condition:

     a. ADHD
       i. Workshop - press release 
     b. Allergies
      i. Workshop - press release, poster-1, poster-2, poster-3
      ii. "Awareness Week" - poster, advertisement
     c. Arthritis
       i. Workshop - press release, advertisement,  poster-1 poster- 2
       ii. "Awareness Week" - ad, poster
     d. Auto Injuries/Whiplash
       i. Workshop - ad-1, ad-2, poster    
       ii. "Awareness Month" - ad
     e. Back Pain
       i. Workshop - ad, poster, release
       ii. "Awareness Week" - poster, ad,
     f. Carpal Tunnel
       i. Workshop - poster, advertisement, press release
       ii. "Awareness Week" - poster,  ad
     g. Child Care
       i. Workshop - poster, ad
       ii. "Awareness Week" - ad, press release, poster 
     h. Children's Health/ADD
       i. Workshop - ad, poster  
     i. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
       i. Workshop - ad
     j. Fibromyalgia
       i. Workshop - ad, press release, poster
       ii. "Awareness Week" - ad release ad
     k. Golf
       i. Workshop - poster ad release handout
     l. Headaches/Migraines
       i. Workshop - release poster-1 poster-2 poster-3 ad-1 ad-2 ad-3
       ii. "Awareness Week" - ad poster
     m. Nutrition
       i. Workshop - ad poster
       ii. "Awareness Week" - poster ad
     n. Pressure Point
       i. Workshop - poster
     o. Osteoporosis
       i. Workshop - ad release
     p. Weight Loss/Exercise
       i. Workshop - release poster-1 poster-2 poster-3 poster-4 ad
     q. Women's Health/Menopause
       i. Workshop - poster ad 

13. Data Basing Workshop Attendees Keep track of who attends your events for future follow up.

14. CEP Workshop Survey. A hand out that helps your make new patients.

15. Workshop Sign Up Sheet

16. Health Tips Program. A newspaper or radio program that takes your workshops out and into the houses and cars of your community.

17. Sample Health Tips Ad

18.  Health Tips
- Seniors

19. Sample Radio Show Poster

20. Plus, Three Support Phone Calls to a PM&A Consultant.

Price: $155

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