Marketing Modules
Motivational Tools
Jan 17, 2004, 17:39

 In this section of the Marketing Tool Kit you will find tools to help you and your staff get and stay energized.

1. Motivation Checklist.  22 Hot tips for energizing your practice. 

2. Successful Marketing Attitudes. 8 proven attitudes explained that help increase your volume. 

3. Starting Your Day. A chart to help you light up your day.

4. Morning Preview Checklist.  For your morning “huddle”, and patient case management.

5. Motivational Quotes To Develop Your Practice (6 Pages). Used in practices effectively over the last 6 years.

6. Motivation Tent Posters. 43 separate full page motivational posters ready to be printed out at your office and used each monthly help energize you and your staff.  Some of the subjects inlude:
· Optimists Are Right · What Would You Do?
· The Size Of A Chiropractor’s Business · Sunshine To Others
· Confidence · Summer
· Go After What You Want · Believe In What You Do
· Where We Are Moving · What You Put Into The Hours
· Drive Your Business · Vision Not Clouded By Fear
· Time Will Not Delay · Life Is An Opportunity
· Action Quotations · Adventure
· Opportunity Knocks · Proverb
· Setting Goals · What It Was Lived For
· Happiness · Visualization
· Getting Ahead · Not Enough Goals
· Expectations · Faith
· Seriousness · The Past Cannot Be Changed
· Lean Purse · Kindness
· Business Has 2 Functions · To Laugh Often
· Successful People · Success
· Symptoms · Life Is An Experiment
· Aristotle · Leadership
· Disney · Mission
· Direction We Are Headed · Old Problems, New Solutions
· Courage  
7. Knowing Your Competition. Facts on what you are up against in the chiropractic profession. Keeping it real. 

8. Telling Your Story. How to go beyond a mission statement.

9. What is Your Issue? Assistance with Your Mission Statement 

10. Sample Mission Statement 1   (Customizable.)

11. Sample Mission Statement 2  (Customizable.)

12. Sample Mission Statement 3  (Customizable.)

13. Keeping Practice Fun. Simple “tricks” to keep it lighter and more fun. 

14. Productive Staff Meeting. Avoid gripe sessions or wandering tales. This procedure shows you how to have effective and motivation meetings. 

15. 28 Qualities of a Clinic Leader.  Distilled traits from observing the very best in action, 28 attributes that anyone can practice and achieve. 

16. The Certainty Principle of Practice Development. A little known secret of high volume doctors. 

17. Your New Staff Member's First Week. How to make a team member first. 

18. Rule Number 9. Discovered in the volumes of B.J. Palmer, what the successful business leaders do to stay successful. 

19. The Best Chiropractic Marketer 

20.  Plus, two free support telephone calls to a PM&A consultant for you or your staff

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