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Health Screenings
Jan 18, 2004, 23:26

Screenings still remain as one of the most effective forms of introducing people to chiropractic and your services.   This CD contains special procedures, articles, customizable forms, and checklists that have been proven to help doctors and staff generate many new patients and good will from health screenings.  

Some of the materials covered in the Screening CD are listed below.  All materials are customizable for your office.

1. Purpose Of Chiropractic Public Health Screenings 
2. Screenings Still Work! 
3. Why Do Screenings: A Testimonial 
4. Screening Sequence And Outline   
5. Screening Procedure 
6. Appointment Procedure 
7. More Successful Screening Procedures 
8. Flow Chart: 50% Public Relations - 50% Technical Service  
9. Screening Booth Manager Checklist. This articles is essential for major screening events, such as health fairs. 
10. Screening Operations: Set Up, Supervision, Take Down 
11. Set Up/Start Up Of The Screening Booth 
12. Standing Out At A Screening Booth 
13. Example Of Simple Booth Layout 
14. Sample Booth Layouts 
15. Booth Management During The Screenings 
16. Close Down/Take Down Of The Booth 
17. Screening Registration From. (We have poured over countless different forms and this one has worked the best. Add your address and phone number, and it is all yours.)
18. Screening Technician Training Checklist 
19. Practice Section   
20. Application Section 
21. Screening Summary Sheet 
22. Screening Supply & Equipment Inventory Form 
23. Screening Sites: Scheduling And Maintenance 
24. What To Say 
25. Taking Care Of Your Screening Sites 
26. Screening Event Checklist 
27. Signs For Screenings 
28. Pre-Appointment Courtesy Calls 
29. Marketing Department Purchase Order Request Form 
30. Screening Schedule Sheet 
31. Sample Health Care Check
32. Sample Letter: Thank You 
33. Sample Letter: Confirmation Of Screening 
34. Sample Letter: Request For Screening 
35. Simple Procedure For Medical (MD/DC) Screenings 
36. Sample Registration Form For MD/DC Screenings 
37. Letter To Set Up Osteoporosis Screenings 
38. In-Store Osteoporosis Screening 
39. Additional Notes On Osteo Screenings
40. Letter #2 For Osteoporosis Screenings 

Plus, two free support telephone calls to a PM&A consultant for you or your staff.

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