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Office Policy: Family Check-Ups
Jul 28, 2004, 11:32

This is an example of an office policy regarding patients and their families' health care. This can be edited for your office as appropriate, and implmmented as a routine procedure. 







Our office has a policy that all family members are encouraged to come in for a no charge “Checkup”. The checkup is a brief consultation and screening. 


There are a number of reasons for this.

1.      Spinal abnormalities can be generic, and though the family member may not be experiencing any symptoms, it can never hurt to get the spine checked.

2.      Additionally, part of our mission is to reduce the incidence of back problems occurring due to long time untreated and unknown spinal misalignments. It is much easier to align the back before major problems occur.  Many spinal problems start without any sign or symptom and it is easier to correct them if we can detect them before they become chronic or the patient gets older.

We unfortunately see many people only after a major injury or problem occurs, and then it takes a great deal of work to correct the problem.

Compare this to dentistry. Often, a dental problem can exist long before any pain or symptoms show up. With just a little work, the dentist can correct the problem and prevent a more serious condition in the future.

3.      We firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

4.       Lastly, this is courtesy we provide to all of our patients.


This can be explained nicely during the financial consultation/post report of findings. It can also be explained to the patient during the 6th visit, or re-evaluation visit.


For example: “Mrs. Jones, I am not sure if Dr. Smith explained to you our “Family Check Up” policy.   Because we want to make sure your entire family is healthy, Dr. Smith recommends that all the family members of each patient get scheduled sometime for a complimentary spinal screening.  There is no charge for this and it only takes a few minutes.  Sometimes, children can have similar problems with their spine as their parents. 


You can bring your family in at the same time as you come in for one of your appointments.  Just let us know beforehand, and we will schedule an extra few minutes for the screening.  We would like to do the screening of your children and (husband/wife) with you present so you know what is going on with them.  We can make a schedule for you today, or you can call and let us know at your earliest convenience.”


Obviously, try to schedule them that day, but if they do not schedule, schedule a follow up consultation after the fifth visit or twelfth visit in order to implement the “Family Checkup Policy”.

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