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Organic Health Week
Mar 26, 2008, 08:13

Special Promotion:  Earth Day and Organic Health Care Week

Earth Day is celebrated this year on Tuesday, April 22.   As general awareness increases about the harmful affects of toxins on our body, as well as on our planet, chiropractic continues to rise as the shining star in the world of true health care solutions.

Earth Day is a great opportunity for you to promote the benefits of your chiropractic services.

You can set aside one week as a “Buddy Week” and encourage your patients to bring in family and friends for a discounted check-up and introductory service.  The discounted fee that they pay you for the introductory services can be used as a donation to a local park fund, or earth related charity.

You can place posters in your office and at key locations around  town, such as coffee shops, hair salons, etc.  A simple press release or notice can also be placed on your web site, newsletter, patient statements, newspaper and community calendar.

You can also order some buttons for you staff to wear. 300 of them cost about $120 and you can use them next year as well.  For a sample button provider, go here (

Here are some sample buttons:

This is an excellent time to take pride in your profession.  Chiropractic:  always organic, healthy, and ahead of its time.

Sample Posters

Customizable posters for members and clients on MMSMembers site.

More info on chiropractic and Earth Day.

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