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Chiropractic Insurance Updates -- Sept., 2006
By Dave Michel
Sep 11, 2006, 19:10

New Claim Form
As you may know, there is a new paper insurance claim form. For those of you that bill electronically (which should be all of you), you still occasionally use paper claims. On October 1, 2006, there will be a new HCFA 1500. The only major change is to allow the use of the NPI number on the claim form. Youíll have until February 1, 2007 to switch over. So, donít stock up on too many old claim forms now.

Get Your NPI Now
Which brings up the NPI (National Provider Identification) number. You will need to get one for each provider in your clinic and one for your clinic. It takes about ten minutes to apply online and get your number(s).  You can get the NPI here: You will have to use your NPI on all claims submitted after May 22, 2007.

Medicare Electronic Payments
Lastly, Medicare is pushing hard to get you to accept your Medicare payments electronically. It actually is better Ė the check goes directly to your bank account and you get an EOB showing the payment and when it was made. The only thing you donít get is the satisfaction of opening the Medicare envelope with a check inside. You donít HAVE to accept electronic payments yet, unless you make any changes to your Medicare account (add a provider, add a reassignment, change a tax id number, etc). If you have a change, Medicare requires you to convert to electronic payment.

If you want to convert now, go to and download and complete the simple form with your bank account information. Providers simply need to complete this short form, mail it to their Medicare contractor, and include a voided blank check. Medicare payments will be made directly to your bank in as little as two weeks.

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Dave Michel

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