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Chiropractic: Organic Health Care
By Edward W Petty
Apr 19, 2007, 01:38

Why Chiropractic Should Be Labeled: "100% Organic and Environmentally Friendly."

Home Depot has just announced that it will be labeling nearly 3,000 products that are environmentally friendly.  Walmart has introduced its line of organic products and is also pursuing issues on climate change.  Whole Foods has just opened up a mega grocery store, larger than most supermarkets, here in Milwaukee, selling expensive organic foods and clothes. They actually lease the space in a medical complex owned by a hospital.

Antioch University in New England is offering the first  "Green" MBA program.   The Carbon Neutral (also known as carbon offsetting) movement continues to grow. Yahoo! says it will go Carbon Neutral in 2007, as have many other companies.  The Blair government of England vows to have its government achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2012.

So, the Green Revolution (actually, this is the second Green Revolution) is here and we have probably seen nothing yet. Every business and group will be fighting to get out in front of this movement.  The fact is the chiropractic profession has been leading the way in natural health care since it started in 1895.

As Chiropractors, you should take pride in, and even promote the fact, that your professional has always been "Green." 

Where you can, tie this concept into your advertising and promotions. 

You can use a button on your web site or in your newsletters:



You want to ensure that chiropractic is positioned in the minds of your patients, and potential patients, as the healthy type of health care, natural, free of chemicals and totally organic. 

You can mention this in your care classes and in your patient newsletters. You may find it appropriate to point out that that organic products often cost more as they are not mass-produced and subsidized by the government, as are the big drug companies. 

Externally, in setting up events, stress the fact that people are interested in organic and natural solutions now more than ever. They are fed up with pharmaceutical companies, according to Consumer Reports.  Include this in your talks or in any networking event.

Go Green, Go Natural, Go Chiropractic.

We were there when the "Wellness Revolution" started to take hold and we are right here now as the Green Revolution grows.

Include this in your marketing.

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