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Chiropractic Patient Reactivation Program
Sep 30, 2008, 14:04

There are all kinds of different marketing segments, or markets, to appeal to.  Seniors, of course, is a growing field which is perfect of chiropractic wellness programs. So are young parents and children.

Many times we concentrate on our active patients to get them more involved in our care programs and encourage them to do the same with their families and friends. This is logical as “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, as the saying goes.

Often overlooked are patients who have not been in for a year of more.  They know you and trust you, and more than likely slipped away because of life situations which had nothing to do with the quality of your care of their loyalty to you.

We recommend that you send them a special letter once a year. Just for them. Tell them it is “Chiropractic Check-up Time” and invite them to come in for a no charge check-up. You can add other benefits to your offer, such as a chair massage, and offer this to their entire family.

There is this group of mostly very satisfied customers just waiting for your special invitation. Your letter to them is a separate promotion that would not conflict with any other promotion that you may be doing, so you can offer it at any time. We have found that tying it into a special monthly theme works well, particualry October as it has been traditionally recognized by the ACA and ICA as Spinal Health Month.

Below are some sample action steps you can can. You can also find a sample letter here.  If you own the Marketing Manager System computer program, there is much more information about this program in its Marketing Toolkit. If you don’t own it, we encourage you to pick one up.

Patient Reactivation Program
This is a reactivation program aimed at truly inactive patients. Simply, you mail a letter with an attractive offer to anyone who has not been into your office for 1 year. The reason: It is Chiropractic Check-up Time. October, in particular, is National Spinal Health Month.
You may offer anything in which you feel comfortable, but we have seen free exam, exam/x-ray, or screening/massage work great.
There is a good deal of information on this program in your Marketing Manager System computer program under: Retention, Reactivation, & Recall in the Marketing Toolkit. Below are some fast tips for implementation.
Here are some action steps:

  1. Write a letter with a strong reason why the patient should come back for a checkup, and use a special offer to make it risk free. (see sample.) (PM&A active clients will soon be able to also download a sample customizable letter from their member's site.)
  2. Format a second sheet for the address. Use a two page self-mailer, a tri-fold with three panels. Both sides of one sheet are printed
  3. Decide if you want to mail first class yourself, or have a mailing service do it for you.  If a mailing service does it for you, figure about .50 per piece, includes paper, printing, folding, postage, delivery, etc. EG, 1000 fliers about $500 with little staff time/interruption.
  4. If you have a mailing service do it for you, get their bulk stamp number and get it printed on the address page. This may save you a few bucks.
  5. Get letter printed. Both sides, golden rod or orange for a Halloween theme.
  6. Before printing, make sure that pages are adjusted so that flap opens up when facing the address page when flier is folded.  This requires just one fastener as opposed to two if it opens on the bottom. Your mailing house may have other suggestions.
  7. Print labels for everyone who has not been in one year. Edit labels - pull off ones that are redundant, moved, etc.
  8. Send mailing service data file for mailing or give them labels.  
  9. If you do it your self, simply place the labels on the flier, affix stamp or run through postage meter, and get to post office.
If you haven't mailed to your inactive patients for a while, and or you have a bunch of old files, this might give you a big boost. Test it and see. After all, it is Chiropractic Checkup Time.

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