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Definition of Marketing Manager System
By Edward W Petty
Mar 20, 2007, 15:42

The Marketing Manager System is a specialized approach to managing the marketing of a small business.  It pulls together all marketing procedures and projects, and ensures that they are executed in a timely and effective manner, nearly automatically over time.

The Marketing Manager System (MMS) creates a type of operating system for marketing that can support any type of promotional program most suited for a particular small business or professional practice.  

Most marketing projects concentrate on a particular type of promotion or strategy for the business. Little thought is often given to who will implement the marketing, how they will be trained, supervised, and held accountable.  Also not figured into most small business marketing is budgeting. But the most common area overlooked in marketing is its continued execution - how it will be sustained. As a result, many small businesses and professional practices ride a roller coaster of success, with new business coming in, and then not.  The MMS removes much of this up and down effect, resulting in more new business.

Developed over many years through working for chiropractic doctors and their businesses, it is applicable to all types of professional and small business operations.

For a more complete description of the Marketing Manager System: link.

The Marketing Manager System(sm) was developed by Edward W. Petty of Petty, Michel and Associates, a division of Chiro-Health Management, Inc.

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