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Fall Chiropractic Marketing
By Edward Petty
Sep 7, 2007, 12:11

Here are some quick ideas for you to consider for your fall marketing of your chiropractic services.

There are different approaches to these themes and projects. Please give us a call anytime for advice on how to implement them. You can also find them on your MMS computer program.  For those of you on the MMS Coaching program, you can also find information on your Member’s site, which is updated often.


a.     September – Kid’s Day
    i.    Spinal Care Class (New patients and their guests friends.)
    ii.   Care To Share Program (Referral drawing)
b.    October – "Pinched Nerve Awareness Week" (October is national Spinal Health Month.)
    i.    Reactivation Program
c.    November – “Headache Awareness Week”
d.   December – Donation Drive
e.   January – Weight loss and Fitness Programs
Community Services
Now is an excellent time to work on setting up your external community events. Schedule workshops and screenings in business, clubs, and organizations over the next 5 months – through January.

An important key to setting up these events is knowing what it is you are going to provide. For example: a workshop on headaches, or fitness, or a screening, or something else entirely.

We have found that there is a direct ratio between having a clear idea of what service you are going to provide and the success in scheduling the event. Here are some ideas, but again, there are many more on your MMS computer program and please call if you have any questions.

1.    “8 Healthy Home Remedies for Relieving Headaches”
2.    “How to Stay Fit When You Sit”
3.    Company Health Fair
4.    Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Lastly, and as always, keep yourself inspired.  One way to do this is to keep learning and working on improving your procedures.   Fall is not just a time when children get to learn. We always have the opportunity to improve if we just study.  We can analyze our new patient intake procedures, our patient education programs, our clinical protocols for different cases, etc. 

If you are feeling like your practice is getting boring, just study it. Learn how it could be improved.  A professional is constantly improving.

Till next time,


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