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Family Referral Procedure
Jul 15, 2008, 12:27

How many more patient referrals could you generate if you simply asked for them?

Sure, your patients refer others to you now, but how many more could you generate if you asked for them?

One of the best times to ask for referrals is at the beginning of care, just when they are starting to see some benefit. At this time, patients are excited about discovering your office and are more willing to tell others about your services.

This usually occurs between visit 3-8.  After about 3 weeks, the ”newness” of the experience can wear off and the patient can settle into a routine.

One procedure that we have seen effective is talking to the patient about a "Family Check-up Plan."  We recommend that you present each patient with a "Family and Friends Guest Pass", or "Get Acquainted Gift Certificate" for his or her family, and friends, good for a free spinal check-up as a routine procedure, usually on the 3rd visit.

Below you will find an example of a script for your chiropractic assistant, procedure notes, and an example of a gift certificate. You can edit the gift certificate and insert your office name and other information so that it is customized for your office.


Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant:  After the 3rd visit, as the patient checks out, the Front Desk C.A. asks the patient:

“Did Dr. ABC mention our Family and Friends “Health Check-up Program?”

Patient:  Responds.

C.A.:  Explains or re-explains the program:

“Well, Dr. ABC wants to make sure that the family members of our all patients are properly checked for spinal related problems. We call it our Family Check-up Policy.

So many times he sees patients who come to us, in pain, who have spinal problems that could have been more easily corrected had we seen them sooner before they were in pain.

Now, there is no charge for this. Dr. ABC just wants to make sure your whole family is checked and healthy.

Any questions?

Patient Responds.

C.A. O.K. Here is a Gift Certificate you can give to a family member. It is good for (whatever you want to offer.) an 8-point spine and neck check-up and a consultation.
And, (smiling), as a bonus, we are offering a 15 minute massage from our massage therapist as well.

Patient Responds. That sounds pretty good.

C.A.   Well, it gets better. This coupon is also good for any family member. You can even use it for a friend of yours too.

In addition, this makes you eligible for our Massage Therapy “Care To Share” Credit Program.  Every person you bring in allows you to receive a credit 15 minutes free massage on your account. This is our way of thanking you for sharing the benefits of chiropractic.

Patient Responds. Wow. That’s great!

C.A. Let me go over the card with you. (C.A. goes over how to fill out the card). Now, how many do you want?

Patient. Well let’s see, my son, my sister, and her husband. That’s three.

C.A. Great. Here they are. Let me initial them and get them numbered. Now they are good for 60 days. So try to encourage them to call and make an appointment before then.

[Makes a note on a log, usually kept at the Front Desk. Ask the patient about who the gift certificates are for.  Try to become familiar with the family and friends of the patient. Make a note of whom they are. In the following days, you can ask about these people again, showing interest and helping to remind the patient to bring their family and friends in for a health check-up.]

Patient. I will do it. Thanks!

Print the gift certificate on card stock and cut with a paper cutter. Your local copy shop can do this for you or you can in your office. The better you make the coupon, the more valuable it will be to the patient.

Only hand the gift certificate out to the patient personally. Never let them lie around or on the desk. Treat them as $100 bills.

If you miss the patient on the 3rd visit, ask them on the subsequent visit. Usually the 3rd to the 6th visit is the best time. The patient should start to benefit, and still be excited about the services he or she is receiving.

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