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Fast Tips -1
Jun 14, 2004, 16:23

  1. Chiropractic Quiz.  Once per quarter, promote an internal drawing for modest prizes based upon a drawing of patient quizzes.  Make up a list of eight to ten easy questions asking for the definition of “subluxation”, some questions about the office (how long has the our office been here?), history about chiropractic, and maybe referral question like “At what age should kids get a chiropractic check-up?” All the answers should be available in pamphlets, wall posters, or even from the staff. The staff then grade each quiz and all that are 100% go into the drawing for prizes donated or bought from local vendors (who are ideally also your patients). This could be a part of a special “Chiropractic Education Week.”

  2. Card Quota. An “old school” program that works because it forces you to communicate, promote and network. Set a modest goal each morning of how many cards you are going to hand out, come rain or shine. Don’t be too ambitious, because you can’t go home until you have reached your goal. This is a disciplined program. This is a little bit like doing push-ups – It can seem tedious, but if you make a habit out of it, you will have a stronger practice.

  3. Special Promotions Scheduled. Schedule at least two special types of promotions over the next six months, such as a special appreciation day for your local firemen, seniors, or some other group, or schedule a “Chiropractic Education Week.”  And remember, October is just around the corner, and it is as “National Spinal Health Month”.

  4. Outside Sign.  If you can get a marquee installed next to your outside sign, do so. Promote your upcoming events on it. Work out a monthly schedule of announcements mixed in with motivational quotes. Keep changing the marquee.

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