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The Four-Handed Chiropractic Office
By Edward Petty
Oct 2, 2007, 09:49

We once knew of a dentist that was able to see hundreds of patients each week. Just himself.


He had four hands. Actually, he had about 40 hands.

Four-handed dentistry became popular in the 1960’s and is a procedure that utilizes a dental assistant at the chair side of the patient with the dentist.

The two extra hands of the assistant allows the doctor to do the essential work on more patients. It is actually more than just adding two more hands. It includes all aspects of cooperation and coordination, allowing for maximum production through improved efficiency.

But his success was due to not just having extra “chairsides.”  He had everything delegated, had separate departments in his office systematized, and had manuals for each department from which he constantly trained his staff.  And, he had a fast and efficient management system to keep it all going. This permitted him to work with patients and develop the personal rapport that helped to keep them coming back to complete their treatment programs and refer their family and friends.

All of this leads to a key concept: capacity.  Capacity is the ability and “room” to produce.   Four-handed dentistry increases the capacity for the dentist to serve more people.

The reason why many offices stop growing is that, simply, they run out of room. It could be that there is not enough physical space or not enough effective staff.  It could be poor patient, staff, and paperwork systems that clog up the flow so badly that even a can of Drano or a visit by the Rotor-router man couldn’t fix.

And, sometimes, even our mental capacity can get “filled-up.”

A well-organized office allows you to leverage your abilities and create more production. It also opens up the room to produce.

Imagine trying to play a football game on a 10 yard by 10 yard field.  This is what many of us are trying to do, yet we just don’t know it.  If you are having a hard time growing your office, you may have unseen capacity constraints holding you back.

A four-handed chiropractic office would be an office where there were many "hands" efficiently doing all the work, allowing the doctor(s) to focus only on those key actions necessary to treat patients and run the office. 

Give this some thought and we will SOON show you some specific examples and what to do about capacity restraints in your office. Stay tuned…

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