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Immigrants Are More Likely to Succeed As Business Owners
By Edward Petty
Feb 21, 2007, 22:15

A new study shows that immigrants are more likely to be successful than native-born Americans as business owners.  Why is this?

You can draw your own conclusions, but America has always been the land of opportunity. Shackled by poverty, a tyrannical government, limited rights, no infrastructure, new people coming to America perhaps are thrilled at the freedom they have to create a new life and be successful.

There is something to be learned from this.  Perhaps they are also not lulled into mindless pastimes of the MTV "Real" World, or domesticated or pressured to fit into a peer culture that seeks material comforts and goods over frugality and hard work.

As chiropractors, clinic directors, office managers, marketing coordinators, Chiropractic Assistants, and health care providers of all types, we should all have the attitude that we live in the land of opportunity. Each day we are free to create the kind of job we want and should be thankful that we are here, and not dodging bombs are scrounging for water as others are in their countries.

Immigrants Are More Likely to Become Successful Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

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