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May 22, 2001, 22:36

Jamie Phillips, D.C.

Dr. Jamie Phillips is both a chiropractor and internet marketer. Her experience and expertise in both areas makes her an integral partner in Chiropractic Masters, a cutting edge internet marketing company specializing in helping chiropractors develop a comprehensive web 2.0 internet marketing strategy.

During her 26 years of private practice she has built two large practices and successfully sold them. She has trained with some of the best and well-known chiropractic management coaches in the industry, including David Singer, Guy Reichman, CJ Mertz, and Ed Petty (Petty, Michel & Associates).

Three years ago she hired one of the best internet marketers in the world, Ed Dale, to help with developing the components of the comprehensive internet marketing strategy she has created for local businesses. Her passion is to help her colleagues and Chiropractic Masters focuses solely on chiropractors.
Though the vast majority of chiropractors that Dr. Phillips has worked with all achieved 1st page rankings in the search engines, often in the number 1 spot in a relatively short time, being high in the search engines while very important is just one of the vital aspects of her comprehensive strategy.

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