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Letter to Patients From the Doctor: Write Your Successes
By Ed Petty
Apr 17, 2006, 13:53

 Good News Is A Wonderful Thing

Dear Patients and Friends,

We get hit with bad news all the time. From what the newspapers and TV serve up, you would think we are gluttons for negativity.

But the fact is, there is always so much more good news happening than bad. It is probably true that we overlook the many daily events and experiences for which we can be grateful and happy.

For health reasons, it is important to get more good news than bad. Stories about calamities can add to your level of stress and bring about physical tension and mental anxiety.  This stress can help create subluxations that can lead to back problems, headaches, stomach conditions, and many other dis-eases.

Chiropractic care can relieve back pain, headaches, and the effects of subluxations and stress. To support your health efforts, we also offer regular classes on Yoga, nutrition and medication.

As additional support, I suggest you try to limit the amount of negative news you  get assaulted with each day. Instead, look for the good news events. Find reasons for which you can show gratitude.

 This is one of the reasons we invite our patients to fill out a survey at some point during their active care.  We call these “Success Stories.”  It is a time to reflect on your health progress and achievements and write them down. 

 We love hearing about your success. Part of getting and staying healthy is staying positive, and nothing is more positive than celebrating the successes we all share in.

See you soon,

Dr. John

PS  We invite you to read what other patients have said in our reception room.  We have also recently posted a number of these patient successes on our web site and you can read them there at www._____ .com

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