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Marketing Manager System Binders
Mar 11, 2005, 19:56

Ed Petty
  Actually, these came first.

     We had been collecting all of the information we had been working on with doctors over the years and had put them in binders. Clients wanted copies of these, so we started selling them. 

     Then, doctors said they wanted it all on a CD so that they could customize what we had done. So, we did that and stopped with the binders. Well, they’re back. We kept finding that doctors were spending hours making copies of the CD and then putting these into binders.

     So we did it for you and here they are again.  Binders AND the CD. There is actually more on the CD, and if I had the choice, I would take the CD. However, it is nice to have a hard copy version of everything handy.  You can  look through it, show it to staff, etc.

      The copies of promotions, ads, posters, etc., are all in black and white whereas the CD has many of them in color.

 What You Get:
Marketing Manager System Binders

Binder 1. The Marketing Tool Kit
Your Practice Development Tool Kit. The first binder contains practice development procedures and projects to implement in your office. It is broken down into different categories, starting internally, and expanding to external programs. There is also a checklist preceding each category that can be used to select different procedures you want to use, and assess their effectiveness afterwards.

Binder 2. The Marketing Manager and “Marge”
This is the key to all of your marketing success. It is not the procedure; it is the strategy that makes the difference. It is not whether or not you have a winning procedure, for these come and go. It is whether or not you have an organized system to maintain your marketing procedures that determines whether or not you win over the long haul. This binder sets up your marketing machine. It establishes your marketing department, and instructs your staff on how to run it for you.

Bonus Binder - Effective Health Screenings
This is our screening manual. Effective screening is an art. We learned it from a master many years ago before it was generally recognized as the practice builder that it is. We personally have screened tens of thousands of people, and sent thousands of new patients to doctors across the US. These are the fundamentals of what works.

Consulting Bonus
We will provide TWO SESSIONS of 30 minute phone support to be used within the first three months after the purchase of this binder.

Extra Bonus
We will provide a free SIX MONTH subscription to the Practice Development Memos - articles and new procedures that are updates to the marketing binders. We will also send you our quarterly Practice Development Newsletters full of great practical articles, ideas and procedures.

Plus, you receive a 30-day money back guarantee. 

SHOW ME MORE:   To see more of what's inside our Marketing Binders,  click here.

The price for all of this is only $395. (It was $595!!) Click here if you want to order it.

Click here if you want to order the CD.

And..... You can click here if you want to buy both.

  It should really be much more; if it helps you get just two new patients, it will be a good return on your investment.  The fact is, over the long run, it can help you with hundreds of new patients and many more retained patients and therefore it will provide an outrageous return on your investment.


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