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Medical System Gets a "D" and What You Can Do About It
By Edward W. Petty
Oct 6, 2006, 18:56

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U. S. Medical Care Gets a "D"
According to this article, studies show that the US health-care system is in poor shape. Of course, it is not the "health-care" system, but the "disease-care" system which dominates our country. You can find the complete study here. Link

In a roundabout way, this study is actually good news for you. Why?

Because you are the solution, or part of the solution, to the United States “health-care” system’s bad marks. You and your patients.

Natural health care methods shift the responsibility from the pharmaceutical companies to the individual health care consumer. More exercise, better nutrition, better living habits, and, of course, chiropractic, will improve true health and reduce medical and drug costs.

In short, the more people you can get into your office and follow a “chiropractic lifestyle”, the better our “health-care” system will be.

Here are some action steps: You can make copies of the article and hand them out to your patients. A few could be pinned up in your adjusting/treatment room bulletin boards for "table talk" discussions. The article can be discussed with your patients at your lay lecture, and you can definitely go over it at your next staff meeting.

As chiropractors and chiropractic staff, we can take even more of a leadership role in improving the health care of our country. And, leadership is needed.

Most of your patients will feel the same and can be encouraged to help out by bringing in family and friends for a chiropractic conference, check-up, workshop, etc.  The following projects are more actions steps you can take to have your patients help you to promote your services.

They can be leaders too.

October. The American Chiropractic Association recognizes October as National Spinal Health Month. Here is a way to use this in an effective promotion. (Link includes a free poster.)

Halloween. Turn it into a Kid’s Day. Patients can bring in their kid’s to "Trick or Treat.” Kids can get a scoliosis check, and in return, they can receive a treat. You can also offer an award to the best costume by age group. And if you don’t want to have a Kid’s Day, the staff can dress up (and doctors) and have the patients vote on the best costume. Costumes should be fun - nothing too scary and nothing gory. You can also take pictures and put them in you next newsletter.

“Office Hours”. Do you have “Office Hours”, “Business Hours", or "Clinic Hours?” Do you have a sign that lists your “Hours of Operation?” To reinforce the concept of wellness and healing at your clinic, why not put up a sign that says: “Healing Hours”, or “Wellness Hours”, and then list the days and hours that you are open to see patients.

Christmas/Holiday Cards. Now is the time to start thinking about your Holiday Cards. How about a photo of you and your staff wishing everyone a Healthy Christmas, Healthy Holiday, & Healthy New Year?
November. November is a classic time for a donation drive of some kind. If you don’t want to go through the effort of a donation drive, you can simply have a drawing for a Turkey. Or 5 Turkey’s. Make the drawing based (baste) upon certain factors, such as: attended the lay lecture, brought in a friend for a free screening, wrote a testimonial, were on time for at least 5 of their appointments, handed out at least 4 of the doctor’s cards or “Guest Passes” , or etc. You can set up your own criteria and allow the patient to enter the drawing by receiving tickets for each activity they completed. Again, keep it fun.


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