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Monthly Marketing Managment Duties
Feb 22, 2005, 21:45

Monthly Marketing Management and Coordinating Duties
[Note: This article has a special introduction from Marge, the practice marketing manager and coordinator who is featured in the Marketing Manager System Interanctive CD. For more information about this powerful marketing tool for chiropractors and their staff, click here.] 

Marge, your Practice Marketing Manager
Greetings!  Good job for making it through the month! I am sure that you and the entire team accomplished a great deal.

Here are your monthly duties. They include limited planning, and mostly coordinating ongoing activities. The planning we will do will be mostly special promotions, direct marketing projects that need specific scheduling. We won’t even question the recurring activities until the 3-month meeting. So, let’s take a look at how we did.

___1. Statistics. Get month ending statistics for “new patients” and “office visits”, and any other statistics that you are using.

___2. Sources. If available, determine the source of the new patients, which should be logged in your computer, or on the “New Patient Log” and “New Patient Tracker.” 

___3. Planner/Calendar. Review the marketing planner or calendar, and check how each scheduled project for the past month did. Note if it was done, and if so, how effective the project was. Get the numbers if you can.  

___4. Proposal and Plan. Work out a tentative plan of future scheduled activities as a proposal in preparation to the meeting with your doctor.

___5. Coordination Meeting. Meet with the clinic director and go over with him or her: a) what you have discovered about how the past marketing has been working and b) your proposed plan for the future. Incorporate her or his ideas and add to, revise, and or continue scheduled activities on your planner/calendar.  This is a brief planning for the next 3-6 months and should last about an hour.

___6.  Next Meetings. Reconfirm your next month’s meeting and your 3-month meeting.

___7. Goals. Set monthly goals for total new patients and visits at a staff meeting or with your doctor at this meeting.

___8. Coordination. Spend time to ensure that all projects are coordinated with all areas of the office, and any outside vendors or contacts.

____9. Publish Calendar. Print the calendar and post it on a bulletin board for the rest of the staff to review.

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