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Get Outside to Promote in the Summer
Jul 18, 2005, 00:38

Itís Summer. Get Outside! 

Summer is a great time to promote your services.

Get a list of upcoming community events from the Chamber of Commerce and schedule a screening, talk, an information booth, your own participation, or just a visit. Be neighborly.

For example, local fairs or county fairs have been very good for special health screenings.  There is often a run or walk as part of a donation program during the summer months which you and your staff can participate in it. We have seen offices proudly wear their office t-shirts, and recruit many patients to do the same. 

Screenings still work, but they have to be well organized. Most importantly, the people doing the screenings have to want to be there and have fun doing them.  Whether you do a screening, or run,  or just show up with your friendly conversation and cards, there are many summer events for you to get out and do some networking.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Meet new people who can eventually become new patients or new referral sources.
  • Meet active patients and strengthen your relationship with them in a different setting.
  • See inactive patients and reactive them, or encourage referrals from them.
  • Get out get some sun and have some fun!

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