Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit
Chiropractic Patient Financial Consultation
By Edward Petty - David Michel
Jul 29, 2007, 09:41

How Many Of Your Patients Drop Out Because They Have Concerns About The Cost Of Their Care?

…and …

How Many Potential Patients Never Even Start Because They Are Confused About Their Insurance Benefits?

10%…50%? Probably more.

And, to make it worse:

  • How many of your patients do NOT refer their friends or family because of financial concerns?
  • And how much does this $$$ cost your business?
  • How much does it increase your overhead? 10%? 15%?

Properly done financial consultations fix this.

It doesn't matter if your report of findings are filled with scientific numbers and proofs. You can be as charming as a game show host, or religious and act as if your findings were mandated from heaven. But as long as your patient has concerns about paying for their care … they will have one foot out the door.

Your patients don’t like talking about their money and financial situation, to you, or especially to a busy front desk assistant who is also answering phones, checking in patients, and directing traffic. It can be embarrassing for a patient to say that she will have a hard time affording care. As a result, many patients will just be agreeable with the doctor or staff, but be privately planning how soon they can abandon their care and make their getaway.

The solution is a thorough patient financial consultation.

This often overlooked procedure works and works well, IF IT IS DONE. But who has time to train the staff and provide the forms needed?

We do… in this new training program! It provides the information for you and your staff to implement effective patient financial consultations. We call it the Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit.

Tom Potisk, D.C.

" In my 23 years of practice, I've never seen an easier and more thorough training to do a financial consultation. Congratulations P.M.& A. You have another winner with your new Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit!" -- Tom Potisk, D.C. WI Chiropractor of the Year, 2006

We don’t have to tell you that the current reimbursement climate has been drastically changing. Now is the time, more than ever, that you should upgrade your financial consultation procedures.

Over the last few years, we have been tracking patient retention numbers and they have been going down. The health care market has been changing. There are more choices for the consumer, there is more competition amongst doctors and providers, and less reimbursement from insurance companies.

From a business standpoint, lost patients are lost income. It costs so much more to generate new patients than to keep the ones you have. The investment you make at the front end of your treatment protocols through good financial consultations will pay off in the long run.

The Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit also includes sample forms, scripts, and procedures to give your staff everything they need to implement excellent patient financial consultations.

The Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit also includes one month of free email support.

The Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit has information derived from over 20 years of on site consulting in offices across the U.S. It is a must have.

We will be charging $195 for the Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit . Our introductory first release price will be temporarily discounted to $125.

It is free to all of our private PM&A clients and MMS coaching members.
And if you own the Marketing Manager System or have been a PM&A client, your cost is only $75.

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Let's take a peak inside the patient Financial Consultation Toolkit.

This training program features Mr. David Michel, an expert in insurance reimbursement. Mr Michel has been consulting chiropractors since 1986 and is partner in Petty, Michel & Associates, a national practice and business development company.

David Michel

Mr. Michel begins by explaining why financial consultations are so important and how they easily fit in the patient's treatment program.

He then defines basic insurance terms for the benefit of new staff.

After discussing and explaining different types of financial consultations, Mr. Michel then sets up practical demonstrations and with examples of different scenarios that doctors and staff commonly run into when dealing with patient's and their payments.

These illustrate just how simple financial consultations can be.

You will learn different approaches and scripts to deal with various types of cases, such as cash, insurance, personal injury, and workers compensation.

In addition, there are over 40 pages of scripts, forms, and procedures covering the nuts and bolts of how to do excellent financial consultations.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction and Disclaimer
  • Purpose Of Financial Consultations And Post Reports
  • Procedure For Checking Out Patients
  • After The Report Of Findings
  • Sample Script
  • Post Report Summary Checklist
  • Sample Payment Options
  • Setting Up Patient Accounts – Fee Structures
    • Payment In Advance
    • Payment At Time Of Service
    • Deferred, Delayed, Or Billed Payment
    • Pro-Bono Or Charity, Family Plan Payment
  • Internal Financial Policies
  • Raising Fees
  • Sample Office Policy Memo for Staff
  • Financial Policies For Handling Accounts
  • Sample Financial Policies
  • For Major Medical & Group Health Insurance Patients – Prepays
  • Sample Financial Policies - For Personal Pay Patients
  • Sample Financial Policies - For Medicare Patients
  • Sample Financial Policies For Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Patients
  • Sample Office Policy For Financial Hardship Cases
  • Hardship Procedure
  • Sample Office Policy For Prepay Budget Plan Agreement Yearly Wellness Care Plan
  • Sample Patient Financial Consultation Scripts
  • Sample Patient Financial Consultation Scripts -2

All this, plus one month of email support. All orders shipped by 2-Day Priority Mail.

Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return the Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit for a complete refund within 30 days of purchase.

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