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National Correct Posture Month
Apr 19, 2007, 13:24

The national chiropractic organizations, such as the  A.C.A. and I.C.A. both promote May as National Correct Posture Month.

They have had media kits that can be ordered which include press releases that you can send in to your local paper. Aside from this, you can use it as an opportunity to promote your services directly, internally, to your patients.  The fact that it is a “National” event can allow it to be perceived as more “important” and as a routine yearly screening.

Below is an example of a banner you can get printed from your local Kinko’s, or other copy store. (Some computer applications, such as Microsoft Publisher (tm) can print banners easily.) The banner gives your front desk an reason  to ask the patients to bring in their family for a “Posture Check-up”.

You may want to offer a consultation, and a screening examination for the “Posture Check-up.”

This is a simple promotion that helps the staff and doctors generate internal referrals by offering a “special” and “national” reason to do so. 

The staff and doctor simply have to tell the patient that it is “National Correct Posture Month”, and ask the patient if they wouldn’t like to bring in their family for a no charge postural check-up. 

Depending on how well the patient is known and the general rapport between the office and the patient, the staff or doctor can ask the patient to bring in a specific family member, or simply say: “Doris, I think this is a great time for you to bring in your husband. Can I schedule him for a free check-up sometime next week?”

Posture Month Banner

[a 3-5 foot banner]


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