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Promoting Kid's Health
By Ed Petty
Aug 14, 2006, 09:30

Kids Health Care and Chiropractic (updated 8/10/2010)

The “Back To School” season is a great time to host a special promotion for children’s health and chiropractic care. There are many different approaches to this, which include:

  • Kid’s Health Care Awareness Week
  • Kid’s Day
  • Kid’s Health Care Workshop for Parents
  • Backpack Safety Week
  • Kid’s Health and Safety Day
  • School Supply Drive

These are internal promotions for your patients and their family and friends. (They can also be for external promotion as well.)

For those of you who have the Marketing Manager System (sm) , you can click to the “Toolkit” and, under “Special Promotions” and find more information about promotions to and for kid’s.

These events are not usually designed to generate a large number of new patients in the short term.  A few perhaps, but they can be a useful tool to create long term relationships with parents, future patients, and good will in your community.

For more information on children health care and chiropractic, look into the follow linked sources:

We have also added a sample poster which you can down load, and an extra poster that one of our clients just did. (Active clients and Marketing Management System owners: let us know and we can email you the poster on Word format, or you can find them on your MMS program or on your PMA members site.)

By the way, internal office posters do not have to be professionally done.  In fact, they are usually less effective if they are.  Internal posters are just friendly notices, between you and the patient.

As with all internal type of promotions, the effectiveness of this program depends upon the motivation level of the doctors and staff.  Do you and your doctors and staff have a real purpose for this promotion?  If so, are you going to have some fun with it?   If so, it will work well!


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