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Chiropractor of the Year - 2006-2007
Oct 30, 2006, 16:46

Dr. Tom Potisk was selected by his peers as Chiropractor of the Year for the State of Wisconsin. As a long time client and friend, we want to express our deepest and hardiest congratulations.


Whether you live in Wisconsin or in Australia, Dr. Tom Potisk is the kind of chiropractor, man, father, husband, and friend you would like to know. Unassuming and modest, his passion is strong and his accomplishments are many. He is a leader of the best kind: by example. He sets an excellent standard for us all.

Kind, generous, industrious, and dedicated, he lives a balanced life while managing a very productive three doctor office. Here are some of the highlights:

· Graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1984, interned with Dr. Larry Troxel before starting his practice in South Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.

· He has invested a great deal of time and resources for community programs including the YMCA, the local high school, veterans association and his Chamber of Commerce.

· He has twice been recognized by the United States Military as "Patriotic Employer." 

· President of the South Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Dr. Tom was the recipient of the “Outstanding Leadership and Effort” award.

· Tom has maintained active memberships his local state organization (Wisconsin Chiropractic Association), the Christian Chiropractors Association, and The Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. Dr. Gregory Plaugher of the GCSS will soon be publishing a particularly exciting case study pertaining to one of Dr Tom's patients with autism.

· Tom has had many articles published, including: “Snowmobile Magazine”, “The Small Business Times”, and articles in the local community paper. He authored an expose in “The Chiropractic Report” titled “The Art of Chiropractic". He writes a monthly column on natural health care for the “Wisconsin Natural Foods.” 

· He has provided chiropractic to hundreds of patients during several mission trips to the Amazon, Belize, Costa Rica and Poland. A man of faith, Dr. Tom feels that these trips are an expression of God's love that transcends his own faith community as an elder of St. Marcus Lutheran in Milwaukee, and touches many lives in places far from home.

·Tom has had eight associate doctors with whom he has maintained a mentoring relationship during their time in his office and after they moved on in their careers. It is not uncommon for him to be on the phone with one of his prior associates giving and taking ideas on how to better serve patients. Of course, he also always finds time to provide adjustments to local chiropractors in need.

· As an indication of the friendly kind of work environment Tom creates, it is worth noting that he has had the same office manager for all 21 years of practice. With the help of Petty, Michel and Associates, Tom has been an excellent clinic director and manger. He is progressive in his chiropractic practice marketing and management, and works to continually reach out and promote chiropractic.

· Tom has been happily married for 13 years to Sue Potisk and has three children. The family lives on a mini-farm a rural setting with a family "swimming hole" pond, and keeps busy tending to their organic garden, small flock of chickens, barn cats and their pig.

 Tom has set such a great example, and continues to do so, that we thought it worthwhile to post it as an example for all to see. 


(Much of this information was provided by one of his current associates Dr. Steven Seheuing.)

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