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Chiropractic Marketing Manager System
By Ed Petty
Jul 30, 2008, 12:47

There’s never been a marketing system like this for the Chiropractic profession.

Edward W. Petty

Even with all the seminars, books, manuals, tapes and talks, this system was missing. Yet no one knew it was missing. No one talked about it. Not as a total system. It’s amazing, but true. 

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

     Hi. My name is Ed Petty and I’ve developed the vital missing elements of chiropractic marketing. I don't like to exaggerate and I am not blowing smoke here. This is no B.S.  If you want more new patients and a growing office, I am happy to explain my program called the Marketing Manager System (sm).

     Before I tell you about the Marketing Manager System and how it applies to chiropractors like you, let me give you some background about how and why I developed it.

     I had to.

     You see, I’m not a chiropractor. But I’ve been consulting for chiropractors just like you since 1985. I’ve helped hundreds of chiropractors organize and grow their businesses. I guess you could call me a “practice developer.”

     I know what you experience when you’re just starting out in a small town or tucked away in a strip mall near some suburban intersection. I know what it’s like to have a group practice with multiple doctors and clinics. I know about your expenses and overhead, your frustrations and business risks. And I know about the difficult balance between direct marketing and maintaining a professional image, about being closed out of insurance panels or elbowed out by a colleague. 

     I’ve coached doctors like you through spinal care classes, work safety talks and spinal screenings. I have spoken with your patients, your staff, and members of your communities – even with your mayors. I’ve placed your radio, television, newspaper, Yellow Page, and web ads. I have moderated your focus groups. I’ve even pushed you to work harder, stayed overnight at your homes and talked to you and your spouses by the fire about better “family time.”

     And to those of you who’ve been practicing for a while, I know about burnout, about seeking a “seminar fix,” trying something new and hoping that the next “new thing” will make your practice more fulfilling and profitable. I know it can be even tougher for you “old timers” because you’ve been there and done that so many times that nothing is new anymore. You feel it should be easier now but it isn’t. There’s more competition, less insurance, more paper and, sometimes, less money.

     No, I’m not a chiropractor, but you’ve hired me for nearly 25 years to help you build your businesses and I have always appreciated your trust.

     And now I’ve developed a powerful, efficient tool for returning to you the years of accumulated chiropractic marketing experience I’ve gained – and it’s all in one interactive CD.

     I know you may not believe you’re the most charming and charismatic public speaker or a "natural" at sales. You may feel that you have personal barriers to doing marketing. (We all feel that way.)

     But you are a chiropractor. Yes, you’d like to be a prosperous chiropractor, but you want to a chiropractor, first and foremost. Well, I’ve developed this program for you – so you can be a chiropractor with a thriving business rather than a businessperson who’s a part-time chiropractor.

     Nearly every week since 1985 I’ve been in some office, somewhere in the country, working with a doctor and his or her staff.  I’ve worked with some of the largest practices in the country. One practice with six doctors averaged 2000 visits per week. (One day we had a “stack-a-day” – it works by the way! – and saw 834 patients.) Another chiropractic business I worked with had offices in six different states. 

     I’ve read every chiropractic binder I could find on practice development. I have gone to seminars, read books, listened to tapes, watched videos and I’ve spoken with some the best practice builders in the country. 

     In the early 90’s I joined forces with two other health-oriented businessmen and a chiropractor and we began to open up new chiropractic offices. To date we have opened 25 new offices. Because these were offices that I was personally and financially responsible for, I had to help doctors get new patients as well as assist them in keeping those patients.

     To be successful, I simply had no choice but to develop processes and procedures that worked. Well, I did, and those processes and procedures are all in the Marketing Manager System interactive CD.

The System of the Marketing Manager
     The Marketing Manager System is the culmination of 25 years of working with doctors like you. It’s for you and your colleagues. Applied properly, the Marketing Manager System works. And it integrates with all of your other chiro marketing and practice-building programs. In fact, it’s an “operating system” for all of your existing marketing procedures.
[Click here to see a demonstration of the MM System.]

     The Marketing Manager System is the most sophisticated marketing management tool developed for the chiropractic field. The mysteries, challenges and problems that beset a practice because of too few new patients are resolved by this System. 

Here are some important lessons it took me a long time to learn: 

  • You can borrow another doctor’s system for growing your practice, but in the end you will have to customize it into your own system. There is much to learn from others, but ultimately you develop your own system. 
  • Just like there is no magic pill that corrects spinal problems, there is no one super method that gets new patients consistently over the long term (in spite of what the salesmen and ads say!). However, there are 900 pretty good methods that do work over the long term. Said another way: There is no marketing procedure that will get you 40 new patients each and every month, but there are 40 different marketing procedures that can get you one new patient every month. The trick is to keep doing them all consistently. 
  • Marketing must be done continually and routinely, week after week and month after month. When it’s not, you experience the practice “roller coaster.” 
  • Marketing duties must be assigned. Although they can all be assigned to you, to a marketing coordinator or to a number of staff and outside sources, they must be assigned. 
  • You must be motivated. Without motivation, no marketing tools will work. Fortunately, there are even procedures to improve motivation. 
  • Lastly, you need procedures that actually work. These are your marketing tools.

All of these essential lessons are built in to the Marketing Manager System. 

     The Marketing Manager System shows you step-by-step how to grow a thriving practice. It utilizes a time-tested and common sense approach that really works to generate new patients and keep your current ones. Most importantly, the System does this by installing organizational structures to ensure that your office continually fuels and replenishes itself.

The challenge that eventually trips up every growing small business is providing quality services while simultaneously marketing those services. It’s this speed bump that prevents even the most charismatic doctors from continued growth.

     To be successful, you’ve got to market your services. Yet quality patient care must be your top priority. The solution? Delegate all of your marketing to your own marketing systems, thus enabling you to comfortably focus on patient care.

     And your marketing must be continual. You have to do it day in and day out, week after week. That’s because we not only reap what we sow, but we reap what we routinely sow.

     The Marketing Manager System helps you to systematize and manage your marketing procedures routinely.  This is the one component of all the practice building seminars you’ve attended that have been left out: marketing management. Yet marketing management is the most important aspect in marketing and is the first subject taught in any graduate marketing program.

What do you receive with the System?
     The Marketing Manager System is an interactive CD which automatically loads onto your computer and contains over 400 pages of customizable marketing material in an easily accessible and understood format.  Here’s just a sampling of the topics and materials included: Click HERE
Marge - the Chiropractic Marketing Manager

     The MM System is divided into two major components. The first component is the Marketing Manager, a series of checklists and procedures for you – and eventually one of your staff members – to use to manage your marketing. We call the Chiropractic Marketing Manager “Marge.”

     The second component is the Chiropractic Marketing Toolkit containing hundreds of ads, posters, promotional programs and virtually the entire panorama of marketing procedures for any chiropractic office. [Click here to see a demonstration of the MM System which includes some of the Marketing Toolkit.]

"I have been in practice since 1987, I have three offices and I just told my wife that this is the best marketing material I have ever seen for chiropractors.”  Dr. C,  MA

     Using the procedures in the Marketing Manager, you select different tools from your Marketing Toolkit that best fit into your office.

     It’s really that simple. But don’t mistake the Marketing Manager System’s simplicity for a lack of effectiveness. 18 years of hard experience and innovation have gone into this system – and it’s powerful, efficient and cost-effective.

I use Marge so often she must fee cheap.”   Marketing C.A. in Toledo (“Marge" is the virtual marketing manager that assists with the marketing manager CD.)

     The cost of the Marketing Manager System is just $850. In addition to all the features of this new interactive marketing CD, we are also including the following bonuses.
Chiropractic Marketing Toolkit

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: We have been developing new products and services which I intend to promote over the next several weeks. As part of these promotions, I am temporarily reducing the price of the Marketing Manager System CD. NEW PRICE (LIMITED TIME): $550
I am also throwing in the following as extra bonuses:
Bonus #1. Three 15-minute phone support calls during the first 3 months
Bonus #2. Unlimited email support for 6 months
Bonus #3. Practice Development Newsletters free for 12 Months
Bonus #4. All shipping, handling, and sales taxes paid by Petty, Michel & Associates if purchased in the U.S.  CD will be sent by USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days). For international orders, modest shipping costs will be charged. Please contact us with you location for exact quote.
Bonus #5. Extra discounts on all customized practice development programs by Petty, Michel & Associates.

Guarantee:   I realize that you have to trust me in telling you the truth about this CD. I appreciate that. So, I am going to trust you. I will give you 30 days to try out the Marketing Manager System. If after 30 days you are not satisfied, you may send the CD back to me. I understand that this is an UNHEARD of offer for software.
[Click here to see a demonstration of the MM System.]

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     You should succeed. It is important that you do. Your profession has been the leader in the movement towards natural health care.

     It’s not always easy, as you know. You’ve been up against industries with almost unfathomable resources. When ignoring the chiropractic profession doesn’t work, they try to stop you. When stopping you doesn’t work, they falsely co-opt your message and construct ads that sound “alternative” and “complementary.”  

     But your mission isn’t to fight industries and trade organizations; your mission is to help people get healthier, one at a time. And for this you’ve been gaining acceptance and admiration from more and more of your neighbors and other individual health care and business professionals.

     Let the Marketing Manager System empower you to tell your story and help even many more people.Thank you for taking your time to read this. I wish you the best of success.


Ed Petty

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