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How to Make Your Chiropractic Marketing More Effective: Give a Reason
Mar 10, 2010, 10:08

A fundamental component to marketing your chiropractic services is communicating a reason, rationale, or a purpose for why you are marketing.

For example, if a store has a SALE each month with a discount on some of their items, you might think: “So what? Just another sale.”

 So the department store thinks up some reason for the sale. It could be “Back-to-School” sale, a “Food Drive” sale, or a St. Patty’s Day party.

 All of your marketing should have a topical theme. In our marketing materials, we have many, from Organic Health Care Week (in conjunction with Earth Day), Mother’s Day coupon with flowers, Fibromyalgia Awareness Week, etc.

But behind all of these themes should be a more dominate reason for your marketing. And here is a powerful truth: The better your staff, your patients, and your community understand this reason, the more responsive they will be in to your marketing efforts.

For example, we recommend that you write a letter to your patients explaining to them your real reasons for marketing your services. It could called: “Why We Promote - A Letter to Our Patients.”  To help you get started, we have a questionnaire here and a sample letter.

(For our clients, we have written a sample letter that has become popular which you may access on your Member’s web site under “New Stuff.” (need password.))

Why Do You Market Your Chiropractic Services?

Answer these questions thoughtfully.

Then, compose a few paragraphs for a letter, or for your web site.  You can also use this as a close on your patient lectures.

•    What do you experience when you see the family and friends of your patients get results from your care?

•    Do you ever see patients that have had unnecessary or failed back surgeries?

•    Do you ever see patients that take, or have taken, toxic drugs to alleviate their symptoms that you were able to alleviate naturally?

•    How would have the lives of these people been changed had you been able to adjust and treat them years earlier?

•    Since you are not supported by pharmaceutical companies or hospitals for your community education, how can you get the word out to your community?

•    This is why you have to rely on your staff and patients, and on occasional promotions and special events.

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